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Wonderful Wilderness:

Nature Expeditions for Young Adventurers & Families

Family Nature Expedition Mini-Day Camp Series

Where curiosity begins and learning flourishes through exploration & play outdoors


Create lasting memories, ignite imagination, & foster wonder

Join us for our Wonder-ful Wilderness: Nature Expeditions for Young Adventurers & Families, as we do exploratory learning experiences designed to help your children and family thrive and practice key milestone skills through exploration, connection, learning, and. growth, all in harmony with the wonders of nature, outdoors. Participate in your child's nature-based recreational learning while bonding and making lasting memories.


Percentage by up to which nature can reduce children's stress levels by.

*According to the National Environmental Education Foundation

60 min

is the minimum recommended physical activity for children throughout day.

*According to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

7 hrs

Kids spend more than this a day on electronic media.

*According to National Environmental Education Foundation


Parents, friends, and family are the most influential to youth's participation in outdoor activities.

*According to the National Environmental Education Foundation


More than fun -

A path to exploration and discovery

Discover your child-like wonder and gain a fresh perspective as you journey alongside your little ones in the world of mystery and intrigue, right within our local green spaces.

Our sessions are more than "just fun", we explore a variety of skills (including milestone-based) through play, exploration, and learning outdoors important for development including:

Creativity, Exploration, & Confidence Building

Cognitive Reasoning, Problem Solving,


Motor Skill Development - Fine & Gross Motor

Socialization, Communication, & Understanding



Spark wonder & imagination

Explore, discover, connect, & grow with us

From sensory explorations to spring treasures, scavenger hunts, nature bingo, among various other child+adult mini-day camp activities, each session is crafted to help you explore and learn more about the world through our beautiful natural landscapes alongside your little ones. Together, we'll delve into wonders of trails, colors, shapes, creativity and more.

Remember to complete and submit your activity waiver (required) and optional photo release form which will be sent to you after registering.

Our Mini-Day Camp Series classes include 3 grouped dates of nature-based learning activities & adventures.

These are fun CHILD + ADULT nature-based learning experiences. An adult/guardian must be present for each child/family unit in attendance. Cost of 3-day series is for 1 child+adult. Waivers/Consent forms MUST be completed prior to participating.

Age Groups: 12-24 Months & 2-6 years old & 7-10 years old

-> Only $129.99 + tax for child+adult for nature camp series <-

-- Rain or Shine --

-> Mini-Day Camp Series Sessions will happen at the following parks <-

Lakewood Park, Leander, TX

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, Austin, TX

Springwoods Park, Austin, TX


Don't miss our Nature Expeditions for Young Adventurers and Families Child+Adult Mini-Day Camps - Make lasting memories, spark imagination and wonder while learning outdoors alongside your little ones.

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Note: Class registration for this series is now closed.

Note: Class registration for this series is now closed.

Note: Class registration for this series is now closed.

Note: Class registrations for April Saturday & Tuesday series are now closed.

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